Cosa è IBMS

Welcome to the Institute of Biomechanics & Movement Science web site. Biomechanics and movement science are one of the basic cornerstone of the joint mechanics and the functionality of the human body. An appropriate biomechanical analysis improves comfort and human performance both in sport’s world and in working or recreational world. The Institute deals with research and education in biomechanical field. It promotes researches, taking part in projects in different fields where this science is necessary. It deals with education and distribution of the main concepts of mechanics and physiology applied to human body.


Encourage and promote the exchange of information and ideas between biomechanics who work in different branches of knowledge and fields as physical exercise, sport, health, ergonomics, engineering and applied sciences. It works to facilitate the development of biomechanics as basic and applied science.

Courses Organization

IB&MS educational system follows the academic profile and it is structured with a similar system. Meetings took place every year and they can have different topics or structure and, consequently, a different duration (usually during the weekend). They can be held in IB&MS headquarters or in different places in Italy.

There are three kinds of courses:
1) Training session: theoretical detailed argumentation of a particular activity of biomechanical analysis.

2) Workshop: practical tests with modern machineries or analysis systems organized with manufacturers’ collaboration.

3) Seminar: general arguments related to engineering or medical sciences that are important for the comprehension of applied Biomechanics.

At the end of every meeting, an exam certifies the comprehension of the topics explained. The exam is a “multiple choice” exam in order to test the candidate impartially.

The pass mark is 80% of correct answers.

The passing of the exam gives you a certain amount of Credits. The Credits are collected to access the qualifying exams. The candidate can choose to acquire the needed credits through the method he preferred in order to reach the completion of the education.  You can take part in whichever session, without aspiring to take part in a qualifying exam. The candidate can choose the educational path he prefers.

Descrizione generale degli incontri

Qui di seguito è riportato l'elenco generale degli argomenti trattati con il loro codice del modulo e il numero di crediti formativi che garantisce. Alcuni incontri sono aperti mentre altri richiedono un numero minimo di crediti per potervi accedere. E' bene verificare sempre prima il numero di crediti posseduti prima di procedere all'iscrizione ai corsi. Le date e luoghi dei singoli eventi verranno pubblicati con largo anticipo nella sezione corsi.
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Certification Programs

Certified Bike Fitting Specialist®

It is the qualification that allows having the necessary knowledge in order to perform a proper assembly of the cycling world based trainer.

Certified Biomechanics Master’s Program®

This qualification examines in depth the biomechanical subject matters, by studying the functional overloaded diseases that can generate from imbalances or malfunctions of joints mechanics of the main human body joints.

🎓 The certification is only for those who are graduated in Physical Sciences or Physical Therapy or equivalent degree qualification

Scheduled Courses

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(Italiano) CORSO AVANZATO (Nord Area) – La biomeccanica applicata al ciclismo
7:30 - 17:00
SELLE ITALIA SRL (Via E. Fermi 2, 31011 Casella d'Asolo TV)

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(Italiano) CORSO BASE (Centro-Sud Area) – La Biomeccanica applicata al ciclismo
7:30 - 17:00
Roma (la sede esatta verrà comunicata in seguito)

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